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Our fleet of late model, lower mileage lowered floor wheelchair accessible mini vans are the perfect solution for your active lifestyle. Our vans can be configured to accommodate a variety of needs; click below to tour our vehicles.

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Understanding Your Reasons For Renting

  • Road Trips - Wheelchair users find our accessible vans safe, convenient, and comfortable for longer trips. Driving to your destination in safe, reliable comfort can relieve many people of the worry and hassle of taking the family car.

  • Special Events - Special occasions are a very anxious time in everyone's life. Premier Accessible Van Rental takes pride in providing services that can make weddings, funerals, graduations, reunions and special outings less stressful. Our vehicles ensure that you will arrive safely on time with comfort and in style.

    Call 1-866-744-VANS (8267) to reserve your van today!
  • Business Travel - Your time is valuable for us! Time is money – we understand that. As a Premier Accessible Van Rental member you can reserve a van for rent in just 60 seconds. All you will have to do is to fill up the form available on our site. Our wheelchair accessible van will be ready and waiting for you

  • Insurance Replacement - Accidents happen sometimes, unfortunately. And when it does, Insurance companies are there to help you out. Insurance regulation states “same condition or better.” Which means, if someone has damaged your vehicle, the insurance company “is required” to rent you a vehicle of the same kind or better. If you were in a wheelchair van, they have to rent you a wheelchair accessible van. And, we will do all the billing to the insurance company on your behalf.

  • Try Before You Buy - A wheelchair van purchase is a huge expenditure. It is very important to select a vehicle, which meets all your needs. There are many options for a transportation solution available. Many customers decide to rent an accessible van rather than purchase one because they want to experience all the features of a wheelchair accessible van before making up their mind to buy one.

  • An Interim Vehicle - Using a wheelchair accessible van helps our customers to avoid costly non-emergency medical transportation during rehabilitation.

  • Medical Transportation - Having to schedule rehabilitation or medical appointments of a disabled person is not easy. A wheelchair accessible van can help people make a safe, reliable & comfortable journey.

  • Nursing Home Getaway - Take your loved one out for a special occasion!

  • Driver Rehabilitation - Driver Rehabilitation Services are designed for people whose ability to drive is limited by various causes. Once our customer is trained, they are anxious to drive independently. Premier Accessible Van Rental driver accessible vehicles are available to serve this need.

  • Temporary Disabilities - Wheelchair users with temporary disabilities say that wheelchair accessible van transportation speeds up their recovery by helping them to restore independence during a difficult time. Persons who are new to using a wheelchair and those who are only using a wheelchair for a short period of time, may have a very difficult time to coordinate with wheelchair accessible transportation. For these persons a wheelchair accessible van is crucial to their recovery process. Accessible vans help wheelchair users to continue with their lives with the minimum necessary interruption.